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The Mazatlán Hotel Association invites you to embark on a FREE virtual learning voyage to historic Mazatlán, Mexico. This two-part educational program includes an interactive Study Course and a FAM Trip to Mazatlán.

We designed the program to expose you to Mazatlán’s finer selling points. If you haven’t been to Mazatlán for a while, you’ll be amazed to see how the “Pearl of the Pacific?showcases an authentic Mexico experience.

The Mazatlán Mazters program will bring you up-to-date on our new campaign, "Mazatlán: For Travelers, not Tourists,?and how our unique destination is modernizing while preserving and restoring our historic treasures.

Agents and Companion invited to Mazatlan FREE with AIR

register buttonThe Mazatlán Mazters program makes good business sense!



to the 2013 Mazatlán Mazters
Specialist Training Program!

Graduate Benefits

The program delivers ongoing support, perks and enticements that extend beyond your course completion and destination inspection visit.

1-800 Learner Support: Call us Mon-Fri during normal hours (Pacific time) and we’ll provide live-operator, friendly assistance with your course study work and other questions about Mazatlán.

Certification: Graduates will secure "continuing education credits" from The Travel Institute (US) and CITC (Canada), towards earning your professional designation as "Certified Travel Counselors."

Course Materials: At our interactive campus, you'll have access to electronic (PDF) versions of key sales materials, available on demand, in full-color, and ready to email or print for your clients.

Color Diploma/Display Card: Graduates receive these colorful collateral items upon completion, ready to display, giving you added credibility and recognition.

Consumer Leads: The Mazatlán Hotel Association will have a link on its website, giving consumers an opportunity to see a list of "Mazatlán Mazters" graduates and their contact information.

Bulletin Board/Chat: Course users are able to chat with other users via our innovative online bulletin board/chat room. Expand your knowledge and make friends with other Mazatlán-selling agents.

The Mazatlán Mazters program makes good business sense!